THROUGH your column may I congratulate Tesco's Fire Station store. Congratulations on losing another customer.

On May 17, I went shopping in the store for my weekly groceries as well as things for my mother's 90th birthday the following day.

I also went for a coffee with a friend beforehand, after all, this is what the cafe is there for isn't it?

About a week later, I received a letter informing me I had breached the car park conditions and was being fined £30.

I appealed against it but was informed there are plenty of signs.

True, but that is not the point, who decided to reduce the waiting time from three hours to two?

I am disabled and have severe walking difficulties so obviously it takes me longer than most folk to get around what is a very large shop.

My sister, who is physically fit, tells me it takes her the best part of two hours to get around when she does a big shop.

Two hours is not enough time whereas three hours was ideal, why change it?

I spent the best part of £100 that day only to have to fork out another £30 for parking.

Since this store opened, I have gone on a Wednesday afternoon for my mother's shopping, usually spending about £60-70 and a Friday afternoon for my own shopping, £30-40 a time.

I have also spent £40 a week on Tesco's petrol.

They are going to lose all that revenue for a petty £30 fine. I realise there is a problem at that particular Tesco with people parking there then going shopping in the town but surely there has to be a better way of dealing with this than persecuting your local customers.

So I'm away to cut up my Tesco loyalty cards then off to Asda for the weekly shop where I can park as long as I need and don't have the pressure of keeping look at my watch to make sure I'm not exceeding the parking time.

PS I can never get a a disabled buggy at Tesco but other stores seem to have a plentiful supply.

Leslie Russell

Caledonia Court,