A TEENAGER who spent lockdown fixing items and selling them on has had two bikes he upgraded stolen from his home.

Josh Mcsorley, 15, a pupil at St David’s High School in Dalkeith, was planning to sell on the bikes to get himself a full suspension bike.

His mum Debbie said she was “gutted” for him, particularly after his good news at getting grade ‘A’ in six National 5 exams.

She said they had lived at Crossgatehall, near Musselburgh, for nine years and never had anything stolen before.

Dunfermline Press: Josh McsorleyJosh Mcsorley

Now, Josh is putting up a £300 reward, given to him by his family to celebrate his exam success, for the safe return of the bikes, which were taken from a locked outhouse near his home in the early hours of Friday, June 25.

Debbie said: “My son was buying and selling things throughout lockdown – fixing things up and swapping or selling them. He started with £70 and worked his way up to these two bikes, which were worth £2,400 second hand.

“He had put upgrades on them, Nukeproof pedals and grips, so adding more value to them. He was planning on selling them to get himself a full suspension bike and accomplishing it himself through hard work and earning the cash himself.”

She said she went to bed at about 1am.

“I put the dog in Josh’s bedroom, which I don’t normally do but, on this occasion, I did so,” she said.

“Whoever it was must have been watching for the lights to go out and waited to make sure we were sleeping.

“I’d assume the thief did steal them to sell on as they are valuable bikes.

“The outhouse is right next to our house and was locked up as normal.

“They booted it in and broke the wood, and bent the lock.

“I don’t know how we never heard it as you can hear everything, it’s so quiet.”

Dunfermline Press: Two bikes were stolenTwo bikes were stolen

The stolen bikes were: a Roscoe 7, black in colour with a grey badge name ‘trek’, and green Nukeproof grips, pedals and mudguard; and Roscoe 8 with full black frame, red fade to orange and yellow ‘trek’ badge.

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “We received a report of two bikes which had been stolen at Crossgatehall, Musselburgh, early on Friday, June 25.

“Anyone who knows who was responsible or who knows the whereabouts of the bikes now is asked to contact Police Scotland on 101, quoting 0877 of June 25.”