THANKS for publishing my letter last week raising concerns regarding the disgraceful state of the rundown Touch housing estate in Dunfermline. Sadly, even damning evidence of the shameful neglect this area is suffering from will not shame anyone in Fife Council to even take a look at the dreadful conditions which exist around every corner while walking through the area.

I submit an image of the damaged community park equipment which has been fenced off for months now with the dangerous loose fencing posing a real threat to anyone walking or playing in the park.

Although councillors were lining up for photoshoots when the park was first opened, you will note no-one has turned up to pose proudly in the park or any part of the estate to enjoy the wonderful views available in its present state.

Despite being well-reminded of funding and resources problems, we also keep hearing of funding being available for numerous pet projects in the area.

I would regard maintaining residential areas in an acceptable, tidy state as a basic service entitlement for taxpayers and that funding for other additional projects should only be made available or sought when basic services requirements such as adequate acceptable ground maintenance in housing estates are met.

Of course, we must also be aware that the immaculate maintained grounds and area around Fife House in Glenrothes bear no resemblance whatsoever to the neglected state some areas of Dunfermline are presently in.

Take pride in Fife, although not Fife Council it seems.

Ian Lamond,
Fodbank View,