A DUNFERMLINE beauty business that's just two years old has picked up four new awards in recent weeks.

Estia Soaps which is noted for it's natural ingredients won three awards for the quality of their products from the Natural Beauty Awards and Freedom Skincare.

They were also named Soap Retailer of the Year by the Prestige Awards.

The business has went from strength to strength since Greek mum Olga Gerogianni risked everything to move to Scotland with her husband Spiros and then 15-month-old son Achilleas in 2018 when she was nine months' pregnant.

They sold everything they had and started their new life in West Fife with just three suitcases and slept on the floor for a month in an empty apartment.

Olga planned to go back into working as a spa manager but as her son, Aggelos, was born with Downs Syndrome she decided she would take a leap of faith to start her own soap-making business so she could be at home.

Olga told the Press: "We can not quite believe it! One of the awards was judged over 20 countries so it felt like quite an achievement.

"We did not even know we were nominated for the Prestige Awards as they were testing products secretly and checking reviews!

"They commended us on keeping the business going through the lockdown, also adding more products to the line and engaging with our community through charity."

Estia soaps are made from olive oil and are inspired by traditional Greek methods – the only olive oil soaps of their kind made in the UK which are not imported from abroad.

Looking ahead, Olga said: "We still have our home workshop so we definitely need premises outside.

"It's a one-woman orchestra at the moment so hopefully I can take a couple of people on in the future!

"I'm just trying to maintain our sustainability too and develop some more products so there is more variety but we'll still keep vegan, plastic-free and just natural products.

"We started with literally nothing and everything we have gained goes back into the business right now so we want to keep growing.

"That means going to more events and keeping the website sales up which all takes a lot of work."

If you would like to find out more about Olga's award-winning products visit www.estiasoaps.co.uk. Dunfermline Press readers can get a discount of 20 per cent by adding Dunfermline20 at the checkout.