A POTHOLE-RIDDEN street in Kelty has been blamed for one Press reader having to fork out more than £500 for car repairs.

Simon Cranson had to foot the costly garage bill for repairs to his Mercedes car which he claims have been caused by the damaged road surfaces on Crambeth Place and Westcroft Way.

He contacted the Press after becoming frustrated at the lack of action taken by Fife Council.

"It has been going on for ages – I just don't know what else to do," he said. "For months now, the street has been bad – it cannot get any worse than what it is. The neighbours have said that they have been in touch with the council as well.

"I have had to put my car into the garage and it was over £500 on the repairs. I hardly use my car. The garage said they think it is the street. It is horrendous. Especially on a night when cars are parked on one side of the street, you have no choice but to hit the holes.

"Some of the holes ore over 100 millimetres deep and it's all the way around the street. It is an accident waiting to happen."

Simon has contacted local councillor Alex Campbell, who has also been attempting to get council officers out to assess the damaged street.

"It is just a state," he added. "The whole street from when you come in off the main round all the way round. It is not just the potholes. It is all the way round the street. It is ridiculous and there is no avoiding it.

"The council say go online. They are saying go online and someone will be out to have a look but nothing has been done."

The Press contacted Fife Council for comment, however, they had not responded by the time we went to print.