SCAMMERS are trying to rip-off elderly residents in Fife with door-to-door sales.

A series of recent incidents where a nurse, claiming to be from NHS Fife, has targeted older members of the community by cold-calling at their door, has been reported to the health board.

They have attempted to sell healthcare products and claims that they are visiting as an 'appointed nurse'.

The scammer has tried to sell expensive items such as beds, mobility scooters and stairlifts on behalf of Saltire Scotland, which has told NHS Fife that it has no knowledge of this person.

The individual wears navy combat trousers and a dark blue polo shirt but is unable to produce valid identification when challenged.

The incidents have been reported to Police Scotland.

NHS Fife and Police Scotland are encouraging people to remain vigilant in relation to ‘cold-callers’ and remember that NHS Fife does not act as a vendor for private companies.

If you receive a visit from someone and are concerned about the authenticity of their visit, please call 0800 030 8012 to verify.

If you suspect you may be being targeted by a suspected fraud, please contact Police Scotland on 101.