A BROADBAND provider has apologised after a delay of more than six MONTHS to remove a telegraph pole from a Kelty street.

Ross Cormack had asked Openreach for the structure – which was erected last October – to be taken away from the front of his Drum Road home and after agreeing that it wasn't necessary, they pledged that it would be removed by January.

However, it's still there and Mr Cormack has grown increasingly frustrated at the lack of progress and communication by the company.

A move to get high-speed broadband into the village has seen Openreach carry out extensive work across Kelty.

Last month, however, pensioners Charles and June Ward told the Press of their anger after a telegraph pole was put up directly outside their home in Back Road without them being informed about it.

Mr Cormack said he too had no consultation from the company before the pole was installed outside his property.

"They put it up in October and it was without consultation. Openreach explained why they didn't have to tell us but just had to inform councils," he said.

"We raised a complaint through the official channels. We had the project manager at the time come out and they were saying this needed to be there because at the time they said they needed it for infrastructure to get the wires for the broadband."

At the time, Mr Cormack was told the pole was required because underground ducts were broken, however, after this was fixed, he was told that they weren't necessary and would be taken away by January 18.

After this date passed, they were told it would happen in May and he is still waiting for the pole to be moved.

"I have heard there's other people in Kelty who have had similar experiences," added Mr Cormack. "I have been very frustrated with the whole process. It has been a bit of a saga.

"I understand these things have to be put up in Kelty to get high-speed broadband but there's no need for it to be in front of our house because there are connections underground and they have agreed with that. I think it is pure incompetence.

"I understand people saying he is just saying 'not in my back yard' but most people don't have one outside their door. Especially when it is not actually needed."

A spokesperson for Openreach said: "We are very sorry that the removal of this pole has not gone ahead yet and we are investigating this with our pole recovery contractor.”