A ROSYTH councillor has said bad behaviour from youths in Rosyth was being addressed.

Tony Orton said a "multi-agency task force" had been helping to alleviate the issue but said he hadn't heard of more anti-social behaviour in the last few weeks.

Last week, the Press reported on the experience of one Rosyth resident who described how gangs of "feral youths" was affecting their lives and had resulted in them not being able to sit in their garden in recent months.

The woman, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals, called for “meaningful action” to stop the teenagers gathering near her home and causing a disturbance for those living nearby.

Cllr Orton said the issue was being tackled. "It will be to do with the kids being on summer holidays," he said. "We have had this for a while because of COVID conditions and a multi-agency task force has been set up to look at it.

"This involves the council, police, social services etc. There was a group of youngsters in Rosyth – about eight of them – who were down as being the problem children. They got involved with this multi-agency thing which pointed them in the direction of useful activities. It seemed to stop it and they were now engaged.

"I am aware of the overall problem but haven't heard about anything in the last week or two."

Community council chairperson Steven Stewart said they had sympathy with anyone suffering from anti-social behaviour and added that they were working to try to stamp it out in the town.

"There has been structured pieces of work going on," he said. "There were incidents happening at the rugby club and things like that and it has been very much a targeted approach for these young people who we felt were more vulnerable and more at risk and needing additional support.

"We have been looking at some king of youth conference and involving young people in that and try to devise and design a strategy around their needs.

"We know Camdean playpark is a real positive one and there are things going on. So many young people are suffering as so many clubs and organisations are still trying to exit from lockdown and it has been quite difficult."