Scottish schools are due to go back in just over two weeks, but pupils, parents and teachers are yet to find out how the new school term will work. 

In Covid times, classrooms look very different: face masks are worn in corridors, there are different bell times to avoid the end of day rush and in some cases even school uniforms were abandoned to prevent children having to change for PE. 

There remains lots of questions over how schools will proceed. 

Will isolation for children continue? Will children be tested? Will children be vaccinated? 

The Scottish Government has promised to lay out comprehensive plans before schools return in August. 

Here's everything we know about when we can expect the announcement...

When is the Scottish Government expected to announce plans for heading back to school?

Scottish Parliament is set to be recalled on Tuesday August 3 to allow Nicola Sturgeon to outline the Government's plans for the next stage of easing lockdown. 

The Scottish Government has highlighted August 9 as a key date on which they hope to axe most remaining Covid restrictions, although base measures such a face masks will stay in place. 

On Tuesday, the first minister will confirm if these plans are going ahead and lay out exactly how the next steps will work. 

During this announcement, she is expected to touch on schools, which will return around two weeks after this date. 

She will undoubtedly receive lots of questions from MSPs on the plans for the return of schools on behalf of their constituents. 

What might the first minister say about the return to schools? 

The return to schools is a complex matter over which there are lots of questions. 

For example, last year schools frequently saw numerous children isolating at one time after coming into contact with a positive Covid case. 

Schools are currently divided into bubbles, which means large groups of children can be required to isolate if there is a positive case within their bubble. 

The First Minister is likely to outline whether this system will continue into next term.

The Scottish Government has also previously discussed the vaccination of young people, for which they are following the JCVI advice. 

In an update earlier this month, Nicola Sturgeon confirmed that while Scotland would not vaccinate young people at the moment, the Government had sent a letter to the JCVI urging them to look further into the possibility for future. 

There is then the more intricate details such as will masks be required, or will children be tested - matters which may seem less pressing but are no less important to the running of the school day. 

Similarly, primary children have been prevented from mixing outwith their classes and eating lunch in the lunch hall, instead confined to the classrooms. 

Again, expect questions on whether this is likely to change when the first minister updates the plans.