A NEW cafe-bistro could be delivered to Dalgety Bay to replace its former Post Office.

The postmaster at the Regents Way branch resigned in March 2019 and its services were moved into the RS McColl store just two units away, four months later.

The Post Office premises has remained vacant since its closure, with very little interest from anyone in taking it over, but a new offering is on the menu and could be given the stamp of approval by Fife Council.

A planning application has been submitted by Super Beautiful Day Limited, based in Edinburgh, which wants to change the use of the space – Unit 4 at the Bay Centre, owned by Tesco – into a cafe-bistro.

The provisional proposal indicates that a likely seating capacity of 28 will be in place at any given time and will offer “limited takeaway offerings”.

It is expected that the business will operate seven days a week with opening hours of between noon and 4pm, and then for early evening trade between 5pm and 10pm.

This would be subject to demand and reduced opening hours will occur if necessary.

In a planning statement in support of the application to Fife Council, a spokesperson for Super Beautiful Day Ltd, said: “The bistro café operation is proposed to be developed within a very established centre, which belongs to Tesco.

“Tesco grocery and convenience store is also the main anchor of the Bay Centre, sited on Regents Way, Dalgety Bay.

“The unit 4 being proposed as a change of use has unfortunately been vacant for over two years; it was last occupied by a local post office but, due to retirement and unsuccessful letting of the business as a post office – the Post Office decided to consolidate its services to other post offices locally.

“This decision saw the unit fully marketed in excess of 48 months to open market, but for various reasons resonating with the downturn of retail shops, and customer change of habits to online services – top capped with the recent Covid-19 pandemic – the result was a very flat and unsuccessful response to the vacancy.

“Tesco, the landlord and business owners are keen to develop the centre to support the local community and ensure the facilities cultivate local independent opportunities.

“The result is the proposition of the current positioned tenant to create a new business which caters for a new change of use to the facility.

“This attributes to a key belief from the landlord, agents, and incoming tenant that the future of the centre will benefit from a more diverse supplement of independent offerings, which can cultivate a growing requirement from the local community, whom have all required to stay local due to Covid guidelines.”