THERE'S plenty of nostalgia in the ideas put forward by our readers for what they'd like to see in Pittencrieff Park – as well as new suggestions such as an ice rink, a walk-in cinema and even cable cars!

Attractions enjoyed in days gone by, such as the paddling pools, animal house, maze and cycle proficiency track, featured prominently after the Carnegie Dunfermline Trust asked Press readers what they wanted to see in the town's dear green place.

They own and manage the park and have outlined proposals for a major transformation of the Glen, with the promise of more entertainment, family-friendly activities, food and drink offers, cultural attractions and health and wellbeing benefits.

But they also wanted YOUR ideas for YOUR park and our readers didn't disappoint.

Kris Montgomery said: "I feel the old cycle lanes with the lights where the lower car park is now would be great for kids and beneficial to them for safety.

"Possibly a farmers' market every month to advertise local businesses and the products they sell.

"A walk-in cinema would also be a great idea for families and friends to get together rather than spending £15 a ticket at the Odeon.

"Maybe something like the Fort Douglas adventure park in Dalkeith where it is fun for kids and adults and accessible for all.

"The little electric train around the park is a great idea too."

The park needs to attract visitors all year round and Amanda Marshall said: "Christmas market with outdoor ice rink would be lovely instead of having to go through to Edinburgh, which is always too busy, and an enchanted Glen like Pitlochry, which has been cancelled twice now.

"Dunfermline Glen is much bigger and can space out better for social-distancing."

Mark Hunter said: "More animals, water activities, cable cars going right around the Glen."

Alan Scott added: "A maze, crazy golf, paddling pool, regular music on stage and petting zoo. Do that and it would easily win Scotland's best park year after year."

Stewart Mckinley wanted to wind the clock back and said: "Put it back to how it was 35 years ago. Paddling pools for kids. The cycling park. Animals."

And Sniff Grattan mused: "Loved seeing the animals when I was young and would like them to come back so I can take my grand-daughter to see them instead of just telling her how great the Glen used to be."

Readers also suggested live music on the stage, the return of the monkeys, more parking, a burger van, park rangers, herb garden, food and drink events, a petting zoo, areas for meditation and a permanent use for Pittencrieff House.

Helen Grant Mckeown simply said: "The fireworks display back."

Diane MacLeod commented: "A paddling pool, animals, developing the aviary that is already there, using the stage that is already there. Open up areas that are closed during the week. Promote the pavilion, a beautiful under-used building. Then add in some new areas, an outdoor classroom, outdoor fitness equipment for young and old, small drink shacks etc."

Marie Banks said: "A splash park for kids and adults. They are in abundance in the States and would be much safer than the old blue paddling pools. Also, a fenced-off dog park with a splash park for dogs too.

"Would love to also see an expansion of the Rosyth community EATS project to maybe include fruit orchards, strawberries, raspberries and vegetables in the park."

Kerri McHale said: "Open air concerts, woodland walks with fairy lights etc at Christmas and spooky ones at Hallowe'en, open up the Pittencrieff museum (craft fairs?). But please no fireworks for wildlife and local residents and their pets (unless they’re silent ones)."

Ewan Bonnar said: "A pump track and the old cycleway reinstated. A look at Zetland Park in Grangemouth would give them the basic idea but make the cycleway bigger."

Sarah Butt said: "Fairy trail in the woods. Flying fox. More benches round the playparks."

Graham Beveridge said: "How it's funded I am not sure but need to introduce a park ranger scheme to keep tabs on anti-social behaviour and instil a feeling of safety once again."

Michael Rhodes said: "A large water feature/fountain to sit around. Also, dog owners should be made to keep their dogs on a lead."

Save the Calais Woods Wildlife commented: "Fund a scheme to ensure there are always gardeners there like there used to be. There is only one full-time at the moment and he’s great but there needs to be long-term investment, not quick, flashy fixes."

And Emily McMenamin said: "Better toilet facilities including baby change facilities with toilets in them for parents/older children to use."

Pittencrieff House will be open every day from today to Saturday August 7 from 10am to 2pm for you to view the plans, have your say and put forward your ideas. 

It'll also be open on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, from 6pm to 8pm, so come along and help shape the future of the Glen.