WATCHING the opening ceremony was the moment that it hit Nicole Yeargin that she is about to become an Olympian.

And now, having gone through a period of isolation on arrival in Tokyo and dealing with a change in meal times, the 400 metres star is excited to begin a triple medal chance this weekend.

Nicole, 23, was cleared to run for Scotland and Great Britain despite being born and brought up in the United States as her mum, Lynn, who moved to Washington DC for work, is originally from Dunfermline.

The University of Southern California student’s grandmother still lives in the town, and she joined Pitreavie AAC ahead of June’s Müller British Athletics Championships, which saw her seal her place in Team GB.

Her individual event begins on Tuesday but, before that, she has the 4x400m mixed relay to get her “feet wet on track”.

The heats take place today (Friday), with the final tomorrow (Saturday), and Nicole is also in line to run in the women’s 4x400m.

Speaking to Press Sport from Tokyo on Tuesday, Nicole has belief her Olympics can get off to a medal-winning start, but joked: “I feel like my only problem is they give us certain times we can only order our food, so that switched up my schedule.

“My only issue is that I’m starving! I feel like, this is the Olympics, I shouldn’t be sitting here hungry!

“Track-wise, it’s good. Everything else has been a little different but it’s ok, I’ve only got three more days (to wait to compete).

“I’ve travelled for meets before but I think what made it special was watching the opening ceremony. That really hit home; I was like, oh wow, I’m really one of these people I used to watch on TV when I was little.

“I was debating whether I was going to do the mixed relay, but now I thought about it, I’m like it’s a chance for you to pick up a medal.

“I know we have a strong team and it’s just really to get my feet wet on track before I have my opening event on Tuesday. I thought it would be a good idea.

“If everyone just puts in what we all know everyone can do – I’m not asking for a miracle – just do what you can do, what we all believe you can do, we’ll be just fine.”

Nicole, who only took up athletics five years ago, is hoping that the mixed relay can give her momentum for the 400m - which she has high hopes for.

“My sister looked it up and my PR (personal record) would’ve got sixth during the Rio final,” she continued.

“Obviously every year’s different, and you never know what’s going to happen, but I’m hoping to PR.

“I’ve had really really good practices, I’ve been feeling fast, I’ve been feeling good, and this is the weather I have in southern California.

“It’s a little more humid, so you sweat a little more, but I enjoyed the heat. I’m excited.

“I really want to PR; I want to do my best and I can definitely make it to semis, and just from there, once I make it to semis, I’m not one to back down from pressure.

“I love good competition so I’ve just got to go out there, give it my all and have the one best race of my life.”

Track competition begins tomorrow (Friday).