A LIVE music venue in Dunfermline has been re-opened and re-named in honour of the late Willie McQuillan.

A much-loved character in the town, he was Nazareth's first road manager and died in March at the age of 70 after a battle with lung cancer.

The first gig in McQ's, which is upstairs in Coady's Bar on Pilmuir Street, took place on Saturday and it's hoped the venue will be a fitting tribute to Willie.

Alan Yule, from punk band The Static, said: "We used to play there when Willie did the sound and we've been involved in setting up the venue again.

"I know it means a lot to the management at Coady's too that we keep his memory alive.

"It's not a huge space, it's a small rock venue, but Willie had put so much effort into it over the years and built it up.

"I think he just loved live music and it probably meant a lot to him to get it up and running.

"Most of the equipment was hand-built by him, incredible craftmanship, and there are still old speaker parts attached to the wall with all his notes about how they work.

"It gives it an extra bit of charm and they're going to keep that."

He continued: "Every time we did a gig there, he was so helpful and just tried to make it the best it could be.

"Live music rarely runs to plan so you need someone that's able to think on their feet, adapt and enable it to go ahead and that was him.

"He was very meticulous and his attention to detail was amazing."

The gig on Saturday night was organised by Yet Another Wasted Night (YAWN) with the crowd entertained by sets from Earl of Hell, Radio Chip Pan, Uganda’s Moonshine Epidemic and The Manky Hoors.

Alan added: "Everyone was excited to go back and see gigs again as it's been such a long time.

"It's going to be a regular thing. I'm working with YAWN and we're trying to do at least one gig a month but there are other guys putting on events too so hopefully it'll go from strength to strength."