STRICTLY royalty Ian Waite and Vincent Simone will be waltzing their way to Dunfermline in October as they return with their brand new show 'Act Two'.

The professionals from Strictly Come Dancing came together to create the Ballroom Boys and are back after the roaring success of their five-star-rated 2019 tour.

'Act Two' promises old school variety – glamour, dance, comedy and song – and before their return to Dunfermline, the Press caught up with the pair, who are looking forward to getting back in front of a live audience.

Ian and Vincent left fans intrigued when they first announced their unlikely partnership but the risk looks like it's paid off.

Vincent said: "We are a special duo because we wanted to do something totally different.

"Ian is the tallest dancer in the world and I'm the shortest so you're already getting value for money!

"The first tour was a good test and the audiences seemed to love it so we wanted to come back with a second one.

"There's a good variety of dances from Hollywood glamour to Tango, we have group numbers, an amazing singer and comedy which we think is hilarious!

"So there's something for everyone – you don't have to just be a dance fan – it's a good night out."

Ian added: "We always have a great time and we bounce off each other.

"The comedy is a great moment in the show and we decided we'd do it again because everyone loved it so much last time.

"We were in Dunfermline before and we always love coming to Scotland because it has the best audiences. They always make lots of noise and get involved so we're looking forward to coming again!"

It was Ian who first had the idea of the Ballroom Boys and he knew he wanted to do it with one of the old school professionals from Strictly.

Ian knew that Vincent's professional dance partner, Flavia Cacace, had stopped doing shows so called him to see what he thought of the opportunity.

"He loved the idea," Ian remembered.

"We have been great friends for years and we could see that we had chemistry."

Vincent added: "Ian gave me the chance to dance again. After 25 years with Flavia I didn't know what I was going to do.

"I already knew it was going to be a success as it was so different to the other Strictly shows.

"Ian is tall and elegant and I'm short so the contrast is brilliant and it's like two different shows combined!"

For both Ian and Vincent, who have been performing professionally for years, the pandemic brought both struggles but also new creativity.

"I was lucky to be quarantining in a beautiful country like Spain but I have missed performing more than anything," Vincent explained.

"I have worked since I was 12 so it's been difficult.

"I fortunately met a professional though and we started meeting up to dance to give me some focus but I have missed a live audience and I can't wait to be back."

'Act Two' was ready to go on the road just as lockdown was announced in 2020. Ian added: "It was quite a shock to be closed down. We were ready to go and had our final rehearsals so it was devastating.

"We thought it would be 12 weeks but obviously everything got put back because shows just couldn't afford to play to small audiences.

"On a personal level, it was really nice to be at home as I must have spent a total of three days there with all the travelling I do.

"But after a few weeks, I was over it and put my energy into my fitness brand, FitSteps, so ended up being really productive and opened up the world."

Ian and Vincent have been regulars on the BBC show for a number of years, with their partners including Zoe Ball, Penny Lancaster, Rachel Stevens and Louisa Lytton.

Ian was a regular on It Takes Two for 10 years with his ‘Waite’s Warm-Up’ section until announcing in May that he would be stepping away from the role and Vincent choreographs the Argentine Tango routines regularly that are seen on the main show.

So what do they think of being described as Strictly royalty?!

Ian said: "I'm the queen and you're the king Vincent!"

"No, we are the drama queens!" Vincent replied.

Speaking about moving on from the show this year, Ian continued: "I started with Zoe Ball and when she said he was leaving I thought it was the right time for me to go too.

"I'm so grateful for the connections it has given me over 17 years. Nobody has been there longer than me apart from Anton! I love it and it's easy to see why it's the biggest show on TV."

Vincent said he was honoured to be asked to choreograph the the Argentine Tango.

"One of my most proud moments was Alexandra Burke's – she was fast and furious," he said.

"Debbie McGee was another big one."

Both the stars told the Press they were over the moon that Anton Du Beke is finally a judge on this year's series.

Ian said: "It's about time one of the pros is a judge after all these years!"

Vincent added: "Is he still alive?!

"Strictly opened so many doors for struggling dance schools. The whole dance economy was boosted and it made us proud of ballroom dancing."

The Ballroom Boys will be at The Alhambra, Dunfermline on October 24.