THE plight of local residents in Foundry Street took a strange twist the other day.

Whilst Fife Council have constantly denied requests for residents parking in the street it would appear they are more than happy to allow it to become a lorry park for construction traffic.

Perhaps they were hoping that the weeds, which are more than two feet high, would provide some camouflage for the heavy goods vehicles. Having pulled the traffic warden patrols from the area for the past two years, it's a free-for-all when it comes to blocking the road for lengthy spells, meaning through traffic is having to drive back down a one-way street.

Even worse, local pedestrians are denied the use of the footpaths (because that's where the lorries park) and have to go onto the road on a blind corner in order to continue their journey, all against the flow of traffic. Yes, mothers with prams and toddlers in tow, people with disability vehicles, the young and the not so young all competing with a mix of traffic flowing in both directions on a one-way street.

Having raised these issues time and again with local councillors and senior council officers, the response has been deafening in it's silence. Any sane person would describe it as a shambles but alas, Fife Council just adopt that age old excuse "a big boy did it and ran away".

Joe McGuinness,

Foundry Street, Dunfermline