THE efforts of Amazon to generate sustainable energy at its Dunfermline Fulfilment Centre have been praised by local MP Douglas Chapman.

The Dunfermline and West Fife MP visited the site on Friday to see its new solar panel installation and was shown the 5,900 panels fitted recently on the roof.

Generating enough power for 300 homes, the measure forms part of Amazon’s bid to be powered by 100 per cent renewable energy by 2025.

Mr Chapman said: “Seeing the vast array of solar panels first-hand at the Dunfermline Fulfilment Centre was incredible and for anyone looking for examples of companies driving towards net zero then this is an initiative that can be found on our doorstep in West Fife.

“It’s clear that Amazon is putting its money where its mouth is when it comes to its renewable energy target and takes its commitment seriously.

“That’s great news for Dunfermline, for Scotland, and, in advance of COP26, for the planet.”

During his tour of the facility, Mr Chapman also challenged Amazon on recent revelations in the media that millions of items at the site were being marked for disposal every year.

“This has been an issue of huge concern and it was clear from my visit that while many unsold or returned products were being marked for destruction, that doesn’t accurately reflect what was happening with them," he said.

“The company clarified that none of these items ended up in landfill, and wherever possible they were redistributed, donated, recycled, or sent to energy recovery – and that remains the case.

“I understand a significant number of items are also provided to charities both locally and across the UK, which includes nappies for Women’s Aid charities and pet food and animal bedding which goes to animal rescue centres.

“Amazon staff are actively seeking out new charities to add to their donations list and are looking for partners in the circular economy so that items can be re-used or component parts can be used to rebuild other products.

“That’s extremely welcome news and I’m glad to see Amazon taking these concerns seriously and continually working towards reducing its environmental footprint.”

The MP also met apprentices and other workers to hear about their jobs with the company.