OSKAR BRAVES have transformed from a bunch of pals to a band of brothers as the local fan favourites finish their journey together as a family.

Announcing last Thursday that they had called it quits, the news came as a shock to Dunfermline's music scene with the five-piece revealing to the Press that it was the right time to say goodbye.

After many years of playing in the town, across the country and overseas, they have created special memories that will long be held close to their hearts and that, frontman David Stevens believes, is the best way to bow out.

"We've always been more than a band," he said.

"Anyone who ever seen us play live, or has followed our journey, will know that we've been like a family, and I don't think that'll ever change."

Starting off initially as OSKAR in 2014, it would be two years later when Oskar Braves, as they are known now, would emerge.

A settled line-up formed, comprising Stevens, Grant Allan, Conor Young, Connor Marnie and Andrew Davidson.

Those were the faces to grace stages up until the arrival of Ross McShane to fill the shoes of the departing Allan in 2019.

In any form, they were known for their live performances and were duly recognised with nominations and award wins.

After missing out on Best Live Act at the Scottish Alternative Music Awards in 2017, they soon won in their hometown as they scooped the Live Music Award at the Press Community Champions awards a year later.

The night remains a highlight for Stevens, who ranks it highly in his collection of memories with the group, which also includes supporting the likes of The Skids, Big Country, Blossoms, Catfish and the Bottlemen (the band's first gig) and others, as well as an unforgettable trip to Ingolstadt, Germany.

Bidding farewell to the band was not a decision taken lightly but with each member pursuing their own careers and other ventures both inside and outside of music, the attention that Stevens felt Oskar Braves deserved simply wasn't possible.

And so, Oskar Braves is no more.

Stevens said: "We've had a brilliant time. In fact, every time was a good time.

"I've loved these boys and I wouldn't change any of them for the world.

"I've learned so much from them over the years and we've all put so much into Oskar Braves.

"We're as disappointed as anyone else about this, and there probably will be that question of, 'Have we done the right thing?' at the back of our minds for a while.

"We could all probably sit and thank people all day for what they've done for us as well.

"Calum Traynor, George Murray, Robert Adam, Suzanne, Mel ... there are so many people. If you bought a t-shirt, a CD, a badge or went to a gig, it meant a lot to us.

"We all loved Oskar Braves and it was all about making and playing music. It was never about money or numbers, it was about helping each other and making others feel better as well.

"We were all on this journey together."

Although the end of Oskar Braves was announced last week, fans are being encouraged to keep an eye on the band's social media as Stevens teased that a "wee surprise or two" could be in store.

Regardless of what is yet to come, Oskar Braves posted on Facebook: "We started this band as a bunch of pals and we are finishing as brothers. Nothing will ever change the bond we have together!"