RESIDENTS living near Longannet Power Station have been notified of a minor "demolition test blast" that's planned to take place today (Wednesday).

In a letter issued to local communities around the Kincardine plant, Scottish Power said that the loud noise and rising dust from the explosion "may attract your attention".

The company said the blast would take place "on or around" September 15 and was weather dependent.

The letter said: "This planned test has been carefully planned and resourced within a controlled safe environment by the demolition contractor, Brown and Mason, under the supervision of the demolition site manager.

"Small quantities of explosives will be used to gather information for future demolition events and could result in a higher than 'normal' noise levels or rising dust that may attract your attention.

"This will only last a short duration, please do not be alarmed at this time."

And the firm continued: "The demolition activity may pass with minimal visual or noise impact but due to your close proximity to Longannet Power Station or the potential to be travelling in the surrounding area, Scottish Power Generation would like to make you aware of the planned activity.

"Emergency services, Fife Council, Valleyfield liaison committee and the local community councils have also been made aware of this planned minor test event.

"Scottish Power Generation and Brown and Mason would like to make you aware of this event and we hope these activities do you not cause you any inconvenience.

"Please note this is not the chimney demolition event."

Longannet, which used to generate enough electricity to power two million homes a year, operated from 1970 until its closure in 2016 and the coal-fired station has been demolished in phases.