HE'S the voiceover of a generation, a BAFTA-winning comedian and even has his own sitcom but despite a decade in London, Iain Stirling is as fiercely passionate for Scotland as ever.

"Do you have any petrol up there?" he asks as the Press calls him hands-free while he's en route from London to Cardiff searching for fuel.

Finding out the fuel shortage hasn't been too bad north of the border, the Edinburgh native replies: "See, that is why Scotland is better than England!"

Iain is embarking on his biggest tour to date and getting back to stand-up, which he loves, after another successful series narrating ITV 2's Love Island, debuting his sitcom Buffering and hosting game show CelebaAbility.

Among the 71 dates for 'Failing Upwards' he'll be visiting Dunfermline with a performance at the Alhambra on November 11.

Breaking off from staring at his gauge, Iain tells us of his fondness for a night out in Dunfermline, his first gig in the town and his love for Googlebox.

"I've been many a time to Dunfermline as a comedian and as a Hibs fan – the last time we absolutely smashed the Pars!" Iain recalls fondly.

"But I honestly love coming to Dunfermline as it was my first big gig in Scotland when I was supporting Russell Kane.

"It was a very memorable moment as I was quite unknown at the time and I was getting this big chance for the first time doing what I wanted to do. It has to be one of my favourite gigs of all time.

"Those who were there might remember a young lad with a heart full of happiness that has become withered and tired now."

The tour will see Iain explore topics including his inability to function in the most basic of public settings, social media’s constant pressure to “live your best life” and that one time a man stole his shoes.

He reassures us that there might be some gimmicks about the football too at the Alhambra.

"I have a few friends from Dunfermline so I've been out on the town," Iain said.

"The prices of the drinks are almost criminal so it means I always get smashed!

"I just really like the place and it's quite dear to me.

"I grew up in what I call 'proper Edinburgh' but now the place is full of students and it's changed a lot.

"Dunfermline reminds me of where I grew up and feels more familiar.

"I tell you what, if the show goes well in Dunfermline my aim is to go to PJs. I'll take my support act Steven who is single and we'll find him a nice Dunfermline girl."

Life for Iain is spent on the road normally, filming for countless TV programmes such as Taskmaster, the Jonathan Ross Show and the Comedy Bus.

But when the pandemic hit, it was finally a chance to enjoy some home life and he admits it was daunting the thought of going back on stage in front of an audience.

He added: "If I'm honest, I was dreading doing stand-up after 18 months. I've been doing it for 15 years and whenever anyone asked me what it was like, I'd always say it's not scary at all.

"But the thought of it after all that time away was really nerve-wrecking.

"However, it's slowly started coming back to me and I'm beginning to enjoy it again and look forward to getting on stage. The best part of touring is also going to visit Scotland too.

"I have a bit of a chat with the audience at the show, it's just jokes and positive vibes. Maybe in Dunfermline I'll add in my future expedition to PJs and some taunting about Hibs."

Iain was still able to enjoy the comforts of home while on TV in the pandemic though on Celebrity Googlebox.

"I've not done reality TV before so it was a bit weird noticing this camera in front of you when you're watching the screen," the comedian explained.

"I absolutely love Gogglebox though! When I'm at a TV awards I always go and find the cast and when Scarlett Moffat joined me on CelabAbility I was absolute cringe as I couldn't believe I was speaking to the girl off Gogglebox!"

So what's life like for a person who has one of the most recognisable voices in TV?

"Life is pretty normal and I can just get on with my day but as soon as I speak it's when I'm recognised," Iain said.

"It's quite awkward when you are on to the bank and they say, 'Is that you off Love Island?'"

Tickets are available for Failing Upwards at https://iaindoesjokes.com/