A MOTHER-AND-DAUGHTER team from Dunfermline are living the dream after creating their own brand of sustainable fashion clothing.

Liz and Megan Laing have come up with Dilly Dream, a bespoke, cute fashion range.

Digitally-printed fabric is used to create an initial capsule collection of products for the online store, including dungarees, wide trousers, sweatshirt and t-shirts.

The collection caters specifically for males, females and non-binary young adults aged 15 to 30, who have a unique and specific interest in clothing that is child-like with hearts, bows, clouds, stars and ribbons.

They say that unlike most cute clothing in the market currently, their clothing remains wholesome and is not 'sexualised'.

“From a young age, I adored Disney and Studio Ghibli and this helped me to acquire a strong taste for anything and everything cute," said Megan.

"This only developed as I would visit Japan and see the adorable clothes on sale there. One day, after looking at the kids' rails at a local supermarket, I asked myself, ‘Why aren't these in my size? I would wear this!’ and that's where the idea of Dilly Dream was born.

"Now we make cute clothes for everyone, with unisex sizes, modest options and a plus-size range in development.”

Megan, 23, has a degree in Combined Studies with a specialism in fashion design and marketing and has worked for many years in the fashion industry.

Mum Liz is providing significant support with more than 20 years’ experience of running an alterations firm called Liz in Stitches.

In getting started, Megan was able to access a Young Person’s Grant from Business Gateway Fife, where she was also guided and given support and advice from her adviser, Marissa Yassen-Fleming.

She said it had been a pleasure helping to get the new brand off the ground, adding: "Megan is an exceptionally inspiring and forward-thinking young person with a unique creative style that transcends all genders and styles."