IMAGINE visitors' impressions of Dunfermline whether or not it ever achieves city status.

The past Monday (October 4) around 4.30pm, I observed a schoolboy with friends, walking through the Kingsgate Shopping Centre throwing down crumbly mint sweets, sometimes crushing them into the floor. He kicked a couple that hit passers-by. The messy trail went from one end of the shopping centre to the other. There was no sign of any security staff anywhere.

If that doesn't give a wrong impression of Dunfermline, then what about the t-shirt shop window display showing profanities?

Does a shopping centre manager think that it's OK to allow young children and others to have to view this offensive language? 

Watching a comedy programme on TV allows an adult to control what their children see but this public display is offensive to many, and especially unacceptable for younger children to have to see.

P***k, P*sh, B*stard are words that shouldn't be openly displayed in any shopfront window. 

With this topic in mind, maybe a better word for describing Dunfermline, that rhymes with city, is Sh**ty, and that's not a Sean Connery impersonation.

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