DALGETY BAY Squash and Tennis Club is set to endure short-term pain for long-term gain as it installs four new all-weather tennis courts.

The club has put money aside every year for 15 years in order to replace its four existing courts and work will soon commence.

Monday marks the start of the improvements and it could take between three weeks and a month to complete.

Clare McCabe, club secretary, told the Press that the club continued to move in the right direction and that it was an "exciting time" to be involved.

She said: "The club has been saving up for around 15 years, putting a bit aside annually.

"We've also received a grant from Fife Environmental Trust, and I'd like to thank them for that.

"Tennis courts have a 10-year life expectancy, and ours are 15-years-old so we've been preparing for this.

"If we're lucky with the weather, it could take three weeks but we were told to allow for a month."

Heavy rainfall can lead to surface water on the current courts and force the cancellation of coaching sessions by Gary Whitton, who was praised by Clare for his work and dedication since joining the club as head of tennis coaching early last year.

The all-weather replacements will enable coaching to continue and waterlogging will not occur.

The club, located on Moray Way, also have an application lodged with Fife Council to install new floodlights.

Two of their courts are currently floodlit but they hope planning permission will be granted to enable lighting of the remaining two.