Dunfermline's peacocks that need some extra care when they're unwell will have a nice new home thanks to the generosity of a local restaurant.

Khushi's has donated £1,000 to the Peacocks in Pittencrieff Park group who needed the funds for a new nedished.

The sanctuary made a nomination when the Canmore Street venue asked for community groups it could support and was backed by Khushi customers.

Khushi's said: "When Peacocks in Pittencrieff Park and a number of guests reached out to us to let us know that they needed a new medished to look after unwell birds it was absolutely our pleasure to help them.

"At a time when the world seems particularly grey and stressful, giving and caring individuals and groups helping to do good for others remind you that the world can be still be full of colour.

"We hope the new medished provides care and support for the beautiful peacocks that need it, thank you to Peacocks in Pittencrieff Park for giving back to our community and we look forward to a visit soon. We only wish we could do more."

Peacocks in Pittencrieff Park added: "We're all celebrating down at the Peacock Sanctuary! When Riaz Mohammed from Khushis asked in a post if there were any community groups needing support, we nominated Peacocks in Pittencrieff Park for help to raise £1,000 for a new Medished.

"Riaz and Khushi's responded very quickly and transferred the full cost of £1,00 into our peacock fund.

"We can't thank Khushi's enough for not only paying the full cost but also for reducing the stress levels of our volunteers. It's great to know we have a new custom made, large medished is coming!

"It may take a few months until production but it's coming! Thank you Riaz and your team at Khushi's."