MAY I, through your columns, express my concerns regarding the NHS?

Once again, we hear of ambulances lining up outside hospitals, holding patients who wait for hours to be seen by medical staff. Elderly people admitted to wards then promptly discharged despite being very unwell, only to be readmitted the following day.
GPs offering few face-to-face appointments. Their patient lists ever increasing.
Dentists? Few, if any  routine appointments.

Bed shortages! Staff shortages! Staff exhausted!

The discontinuation of the enrolled nurse training (as predicted) years ago causing further shortages and now the need to employ nurses from other lands.

The pandemic has been disastrous for all of us.

Could the downgrading of the Queen Margaret Hospital now be back to haunt the powers-that-be who made that fateful decision all those years ago?

Fife never had enough beds available, especially during the winter months, when both Queen Margaret and Victoria hospitals were fully operational so it is no surprise that the current situation exists, worsened by the major housebuilding projects under way in our towns and villages with few amenities to offer the influx of families.

What is the solution? What are the politicians planning to do about it?

I, like many others, fear for our ailing health service.

Maureen Addison,
Strathmore Drive,