PARS new boss John Hughes has been described as a "stabiliser" and a "fighter" who has been given one task – to keep the club in the Championship.

Sporting director Thomas Meggle said 'Yogi' impressed at interview and was a "motivator" who could help rebuild the players' fragile confidence.

Asked about the process of appointing Hughes, he explained: "First of all, we determined a profile which fits the current situation because, to be honest,. now the club is in quite a difficult situation and is struggling against relegation.

"Until the end of the season, there is only one objective, just to avoid relegation.

"That was why we determined the profile.

"We searched for a 'stabiliser' but not only a stabiliser who can make sure the probability is quite high of staying in the Championship, but then, under the right pre-conditions, he's going to be the guy who can develop the team to a better performance next season."

He continued: "We dealt with many applications for this job; Dunfermline is an interesting place to be and an interesting club for many managers, so we targeted other candidates as well and then we prepared a long list where we decided which ones to take for interview.

"We decided to interview only a few managers and then we tried to find out if he's the right person for the job, if he's the stabiliser for the team and maybe the manager who could develop things as well."

Meggle, part of the German consortium who bought the controlling interest in the club earlier this year, was asked what Hughes would bring to the Pars.

He replied: "He can create an energy for the team and the whole club.

"Confidence is quite low at the moment so we need more confidence in the team and I think he's an enthusiastic guy who is a motivator – quite important criteria to give the players their confidence back.

"That's the reason why we think he's the right manager at the right moment for the club."

Steven Whittaker and Greg Shields will take the team for the match at Inverness tomorrow (Saturday) with Hughes taking charge of team affairs and training from Monday.

Meggle added: "First of all, it's important now to stabilise the situation, that's the most important point.

"We need to secure our place next season in the Championship and then we can imagine he's the right manager to develop the squad to be better, as he did at other clubs like Falkirk and Inverness.

"That's the big target we have and that's the desire we have for the future to work with the manager for the long term."

He continued: "We're trying to build a sustainable structure around the club which increases the probability to be successful.

"We're trying to create an environment for playing successful football and now we think we have the right manager in the right place.

"He's very passionate, he's so motivating and I was quite impressed with how he handled the interview.

"He's a great person and he's a fighter, he's fought his whole life. He was a fighter on the pitch and now he should fight for the club together with me, together with the players and with all the fans to make sure we're going to play next season in the Championship."

The Pars are keen to get a Q&A organised for the fans to meet the new boss and quiz the new regime on what has been an awful season thus far.

The sporting director added: "I'm happy to introduce John to the community. There may be some questions from fans for John so we'll try to organise, as soon as possible, a meeting with all the fans to ask him questions.

"I think that's quite important as the fans will have many questions for the responsible people at the football club."