PUDSEY BEAR is on the go in West Fife collecting much-needed funds for Children in Need.

He was spotted in Rosyth last weekend making appearances outside Baynes, Tesco and Rowlands Pharmacy – giving a special wave to passers-by.

Pudsey also appeared at Carlton Bingo at Fife Leisure Park on Tuesday with more collection days in the comings days throughout November.

The woman behind the costume is Yvonne Beveridge, from Rosyth. The 55-year-old said: "I've done fundraising for Children in Need before but it was years ago now. They provided funding to a place that my kids went to so I know it's a great thing to support and what the money does to help.

"I've still managed to get about as Pudsey even though I've got a broken foot!

"It was a bit sore after the weekend but it was worth it. It's my fifth fundraising event this year."

Yvonne is also hosting a BBQ raffle event for her friends and family this coming Saturday and will make an appearance at Balmule Valley Fishery on November 26 to raise as much cash as possible for Children in Need, with this year's telethon taking place on November 19.