HEARD the one about the audiologist in Dunfermline who's decided to clean up this town?

Neil McIntosh didn't want to waste a good walk and took it upon himself to start picking up litter going to and from work.

The managing director at Dunfermline Hearing Centre on High Street, he's been clearing up after people in the town centre for around two years now.

Neil explained: "I've been picking up litter around where I live, either on my own, when I'm out on the bike with pals or with my wife and kids for a while now.

"I park at Leys Park Road car park and walk to work from there, it's about a mile each way, and started doing it every few days.

"I thought it'd be a waste of a walk if I didn't and I'll go different ways to clear different areas.

"It's incredible how much you pick up, it's half a bin liner every trip.

"It's mostly fast food wrappers. In the car park, there's one bin and people just throw their McDonald's and Burger King rubbish out the window; in the town centre it's Greggs, Bob & Bert's, Baynes, the napkins that come with them, pizza boxes, cigarette ends, glass beer bottles, tins of energy juice.

"I've picked up broken brollies, they just leave them lying on the High Street when there are bins just a few feet away."

He continued: "You've got people going on about COP26 and protect the planet and they just think someone else will pick it up.

"Someone will but the biggest thing people need to understand is every time they drop litter, it goes into black bin bags which go to landfill. None of it is recycled.

"They're killing the planet as the council don't have time to go through every black bag to separate the waste."

Neil said he's often walking behind people and picking up their litter.

He added: "Some don't acknowledge it, some apologise and say they'll do it next time and there are idiots that say, 'Someone gets paid to do that, you're doing them out of a job'.

"They do, and I have to say the bin guys are brilliant and do a great job, but they don't want to be doing that, especially now they've got other tasks as well.

"They shouldn't have to go up and down the High Street four times a day because people are too lazy to put litter in a bin."

Despite the never-ending task of picking up after other people, Neil said: "It doesn't get me down.

"I quite enjoy it and I feel better that I'm doing something worthwhile on the walk to and from work.

"It's exercise, fresh air and you're doing something for your own community and helping it to look better.

"I've had people recognise me and say thanks, although that's not why I do it, and some have asked about getting involved too."

Neil insisted that what he does is in no way a criticism of the Fife Council street cleaners and he added: "To be fair, anyone that wants to do it can call Fife Council.

"They'll issue you with the tongs and special bin bags and tell you where to leave them.

"It's brilliant. Anyone can do it and it won't cost you a penny."