A DUNFERMLINE councillor has urged a phone company to think again over the proposed location of a 5G mobile phone mast.

WHP Telecoms Limited had applied on behalf of CK Hutchison Networks (UK) Ltd for permission to put the 18-metre structure on land outside 19 St Andrew's Street in the town.

They have now had a General Permitted Development application approved by Fife Council despite 10 objections to the plans.

Concerns raised included potential health impacts on neighbouring residents, the devaluing of neighbouring properties, pavement width and impact on pedestrian safety, visual impact and noise.

Local councillor James Calder has written to the firm asking that they reconsider the location.

“Mobile phone infrastructure is important but I feel there are plenty of more appropriate places to site a mast rather than right next to people’s homes," he said.

“As a result of this, I have written to the developer to ask them to consider using one of many other nearby locations for this mast. I have offered to speak to them about potential locations.

“I hope they take me up on this so we can find somewhere that is not right outside someone’s home.”

Fife Council case officer Lauren McNeil said a prior notification had been submitted for the installation of an 18-metres-high, ground-based pole with associated cabinets and other equipment.

"The proposal would involve an 18-metre monopole with antennas and four ground-based associated cabinets to be positioned on the existing pedestrian footway," she explained.

"CK Hutchison Networks (UK) Ltd have stated that the development is required to improve the 5G network to the local area. A site selection process has also been submitted with a justification for alternative sites and the reason they have not been chosen.

"Other sites within Dunfermline were considered and discounted for various reasons, however, all sites considered are located within residential areas as the higher radio frequencies used for 5G networks do not travel as far as frequencies currently in use, therefore proximity to the existing network and residential properties is required to ensure adequate coverage.

"The proposed monopole and associated cabinets would be suitably distanced from the nearest residential properties."

The Press contacted WHP Telecoms Limited for comment but had they had not responded by the time of going to print.