A SECTION of the Fife Coastal Path has been closed at North Queensferry to protect the public from the risk of rockfall.

Network Rail have been doing work on the Forth Bridge around the area which had also closed a section of the path in the village but that has now been completed.

However, the railway authority said that following a routine detailed inspection of the cutting above the footpath, it was noted that the rock cutting had deteriorated – posing a risk of rockfall to the path below.

Works to fix the problem began on Monday and are due to be completed on December 3.

A statement sent to North Queensferry Community Council said: "To protect the public from the risk of rockfall, the coastal footpath was immediately closed and a cross-disciplinary team commissioned to address the situation.

"The team requested a full options report be produced so all possible engineering solutions could be explored.

"The options report concluded that the best method of protection was to install a spot netting solution over the areas of the cutting where the rockfall/landslip area has been assessed as high-risk.

"The main construction works will commence on the 22nd November and will be carried out during daylight hours. The target date for completion is the 3rd December."

Network Rail added: "When we commence the works we will install a water barrier catch fence to mitigate against potential rock fall during construction.

"Once the protection barrier is in place, we will then deliver the construction materials to site and start with the main works.

"The works will involve de-vegetation of the targeted areas, removal of loose material followed by the installation of the netting at key locations.

"Due to the steepness of the bank, the team undertaking the construction will be using rope access techniques during the works."