A DUNFERMLINE priest is still under investigation more than seven months after a complaint was made against him.

Father Chris Heenan agreed to "withdraw" from the parish in May, which includes St Margaret's RC Church and Holy Name Church in Oakley, after the Scottish Catholic Church became aware of the allegation.

Details of the complaint against him have not been made public and the Press was told this week that the matter had yet to be concluded.

A spokesman for the Archdiocese of St Andrews & Edinburgh said:"The investigation is still ongoing so we cannot make any comment at this stage other than to confirm that Father Chris remains out of active ministry.

"Father Syriac Palakudiyil was appointed the administrator of St Margaret’s parish in August and is assisted by Father Isaac Oshoma.

"Archbishop Cushley updated parishioners to announce this change, which ensures the pastoral needs of the parish are being met."

Father Heenan left Dunfermline and is believed to be living in East Lothian.

After the complaint was made, Father Scott Deeley stepped in as temporary administrator for the two churches.

In a post on the parish website, he had said that "many of you will now know that Father Chris Heenan has agreed temporarily to withdraw from the parish following a complaint which has yet to be fully investigated".

He had added: "It is understandable that there are likely to be questions and concerns.

"However, as you will appreciate, there are processes now ongoing which must be allowed to run their course.

"The archbishop has assured us that he will keep us informed as and when he can.

"Father Chris assures you of his prayers. We keep him in our prayers and all of those who are involved."