ULTRA runner Jo Murphy is targeting further success in Scottish and British vests after capping a 2021 with 24-hour race glory.

The 34-year-old, from Crossgates, won the women's race, and finished third overall in the Gloucester 24 hour elite track race, in which athletes look to run as large a distance as they can within that time period.

A monumental effort of 143 miles has elevated Jo to third in the Scottish all-time list – and into the top 10 for British women for 24-hour runs, in eighth place – in what was her first such race on the track.

Her achievements come on the back of finishing second in the women's race at the Anglo Celtic Plate, an annual home countries' 100K international, behind only Catriona Jennings, who ran the marathon at the London 2012 Olympics for Ireland.

That event not only saw her improve on the third place she earned at the 2019 event, but it also moved her to fourth in the all-time Scottish women's list over that distance.

While she had hoped to achieve a distance in the 24-hour event that could put her in contention for GB selection, she said her focus would be on securing a 100K vest in 2022.

"I finished it third overall in the Scottish standings, which is pretty good considering it was my first race on the track," Jo said.

"I'm absolutely delighted; that's the first and, hopefully, there's more to come. I'm quite excited.

"The Anglo Celtic Plate, which is on April 3 in Perth, is my first goal if selected. That's something to look forward to; I had no home support in Ireland (which hosted this year's event), and it's so accessible for family and friends. We'll see what happens.

"I had such a good run at the 100K and this was eight weeks later. Ideally, I'd have liked a longer time between them.

"At the 24-hour race, I was focused on a GB vest, but I'll likely have that with the 100K, so the pressure was off in that respect. It was about trying to get a qualifying distance, 130 miles or so.

"I had to reset my mindset; it's not 100K, it's 24 hours, so I have to slow things down."

Jo, who paid tribute to her crew team for their support through the race, continued: "When you see other people lapping you, there is a bit of self-doubt, but you have to stick to the plan.

"You and your crew have to want it as much as possible. I knew it would be tough, I knew I would be tired and that I would have a dip before the sun came up. I knew if I could keep going through that, I would be alright. It's just about keeping your mind focused."