A WEST FIFE author is set to continue her Famous Five-inspired series.

Shirley Harkness, originally from Inverkeithing, addressed the subject of bullying in her first Danny and the Furry Four novel.

She said: "I was studying at the Open University and doing a module called 'The science of the mind' so I had an idea to combine my love of dogs and interest in human behaviour to write a book dealing with the subject of bullying. I have subsequently been lucky enough to have the next two books in the series published too."

With the help of his talking dogs, Danny helps his classmate overcome bullying and tell the teacher what is going on.

Danny and his furry friend's story resumes in books two and three, with more adventures, from catching criminals to escaping monsters.

Shirley said: "I intend to keep writing and I have finished book four and if there is the demand I would love to keep going with the adventure stories as I am starting to get some good feedback that children are loving the talking dogs.

"I mean who doesn’t talk to their dogs and wishes they would answer back?

"I also intend to write more grown-up books and I have started this process so watch this space!

"Earlier this year, I was asked by a primary school in Dalgety Bay to do a Zoom assembly meeting and the classrooms got the chance to ask some questions about the book and being an author which went really well and I received some beautiful handmade cards from the pupils as a thank you."

Shirley's fourth book is due to be published in early 2022.