A POPULAR 'Scottish tapas' restaurant is set to open in Dunfermline.

Christies, who currently have one site in Falkirk, will be taking over the old Bella Italia building at Fife Leisure Park.

The restaurant receives glowing reviews online and has already gained a large amount of support for their new venture.

Bella Italia closed after the company who owned the chain went into administration during the pandemic.

David Blackwood, who co-owns Christies, said: "We are doing an extensive refurb but would like to be open by the end of April or the start of May.

"It's all dependant on the licence coming through, we need approval from planning and environmental health first.

"Certain features will be kept but the bar will be ripped out with a bigger, different bar put in.

"We are taking down all the walls inside and adding a few booths as well as family tables.

"It will have its own character but similar elements to our Falkirk site."

David says the restaurant focuses on family and getting together over good food.

For this reason, they have what they call "celebration tables", which fit seven people comfortably and include a spinning section in the middle for sharing.

These are extremely popular in their original location.

The idea for these came from David's own upbringing: "I am from a big family and there is such a joy in getting together at meal times.

"Food was never plated but all in big bowls, which I loved.

"I have two daughters who stay with their mum and I do this when they visit.

"It is nice to have fun around food."

The restaurant boasts traditional food with a twist, including haggis and smoked salmon in a tapas style.

David explained: "Tapas just means small dishes, we keep it traditional with stews and mince and tatties.

"Every dish may not be traditionally Scottish but every dish does have a Scottish element and we use all local suppliers.

"You can see our suppliers on the map on our website, it's something we want to start screaming about."

He is keen to add even more local stockists to this page and start focusing on promoting fresh, Scottish ingredients.

The opening will also create an estimated 30 jobs in West Fife.

David's main goal is to maintain the feel of his Falkirk restaurant, which has proved extremely popular.

He said: "We would like it to be fun, if food's not fun, you're not doing it right."