HEALTH club Bannatyne’s has been accused of discrimination by refusing entry to a user legally exempt from wearing mask.

Craig Diver, who is a member of the Dunfermline health club, says he was told last September when gym facilities began re-opening that he would be refused entry without a face mask or visor, despite holding an official Scottish Government exemption card.

He says the company continued to charge for his membership until a friend intervened on his behalf. The membership was then frozen but he has been debited the full £53.99 this month.

Bannatyne’s say they changed their policy in September and have relaxed rules on masks for those with exemption cards and that Craig was charged wrongly this month but will now be refunded.

Craig told the Press: “This is the only reason I so far haven’t cancelled the membership and have hoped that some way or another that we can get it sorted, however, a club that actively discriminates against disability exemptions perhaps isn’t somewhere I would wish to be spending money. I should make clear that I am registered disabled albeit with hidden disabilities, such as PTSD, CPTSD, depression and anxiety but am fully legally entitled to exemption.

“I’ve never been contacted to say that the policy had been changed and I would have been happy to go back to the gym if I knew.

“However, the point is that they shouldn’t have been making that decision in the first place, it was illegal and this went on for a full year.”

The Scottish Government provides a face mask exemption card for people with disability and health conditions such as respiratory problems, autism and mental health. It states that people who are exempt should not be made to wear a face-covering or denied access to places where face-coverings are required.

Dunfermline MSP Shirley-Anne Somerville said: “While the overwhelming majority of people are able to wear a face-covering, there are those with a physical or mental illness, or living with a disability, which means they can’t.

“It’s important that businesses do not force people who are exempt to wear a face-covering or treat them in an unacceptable manner.

“I’d ask everyone across Dunfermline and West Fife to be aware of the face-covering exemptions and continue to treat each other with kindness and respect.

“My staff and I have processed thousands of cases since the start of the pandemic, helping constituents and businesses across Dunfermline and West Fife.

“As always, anyone who requires assistance can contact me at and we will help in any way we can.”