I DON’T know if many of us know what was achieved at COP26 but every time I get stuck at traffic lights for ever and ever and nobody else is moving and we don’t see any pedestrians crossing, I wonder where all this sensor technology has gone.

The modern car now has cut-off technology at junctions etc but how many emissions can be saved through the flow of traffic?

The Halbeath roundabout had the lights off all day a few weeks ago and I went through it with ease four or five times that day. Next day we’re back to the tailbacks on all the approaches. 

And, even worse, they’ve spent a six-figure sum putting lights on the Pitreavie roundabout and there’s now tailbacks on every approach to this one! 

And, just this morning, I’ve read the ‘20 reasons not to buy an Electric Vehicle’.

At 67, it would be simple for me to dismiss global warming as something that won’t affect me but David Attenborough is about 30 years my senior and he’s still fighting to save the planet. 

Don Deveney,