A WEST FIFE woman unknowingly sent an axe man through the streets of Crossford ... all for some pampas grass!

After asking online if anyone had the plant spare so that she could cover her oil tank, Jayne Johnson received a kind offer from a lady in Crossford.

She sent her gardener, Willie, round to retrieve it, after being told to just take it from the garden.

Jayne thought nothing more of it ... until she saw outrage online.

"The next thing I knew," she said, "there was a post which said, 'When we were out this morning, a neighbour informed me that there was a white van marked Broon from the toon and a man with an axe at our property'.

"I had sent Willie to the wrong house, it was my fault.

"He had already planted the grass at my house!

"The original woman still had her pampas grass, this lady was without hers and poor Willie's reputation would have been ruined!

"They had phoned the police and I had to call to tell them what had happened."

Despite the fact that her gardener forgave her, she could not get over how close she had come to damaging his career.

"I was ruining reputations, people were up in arms.

"He forgave me, he laughed, he still cuts my grass.

"Poor Willie is one of the kindest men you will ever meet.

"The worst part was – the grass all died!"

Jayne says she is now known as the "pampas grass lady" in Crossford.