WEST FIFE arts hub, Fire Station Creative, is hosting a multi-award-winning artist this month.

Painter Lewis Deeney will be showcasing his work in the gallery until January 30.

Lewis said: “My work poses questions: Who are we in relation to technology?

"Who do we believe ourselves to be now?

"Can you still see yourself in another person and them in you?

"In this way, my paintings are an environment for self-exploration, the doorway into the unconscious mind.”

The exhibition, 'Becoming', examines our existence in a technology-advanced world, in relation to his own experiences.

Ian Moir, the gallery curator, said: "It is an outstanding exhibition, Lewis is one of the finest artists we have displayed.

"His career is on the upward trajectory.

"He is one to watch, he is exceptional.

"He has a great work ethic and artistic vision.

"His work is extremely well-crafted, you don't get that so often, along with the vision.

"I know the show will be a success."

Lewis is a student of yoga and meditation and grew up in Dumbarton before moving to Dundee to pursue a degree in contemporary art.

He graduated with first-class honours in 2020 and has since earned an MFA Art and Humanities as well as multiple prizes for his work.

He met Ian when his girlfriend introduced him after working in the Fire Station Creative cafe and they have worked together ever since.

An exhibition planned at the hub last year was cancelled due to the pandemic.