A WEST Fife primary school has urged drivers to take extra care following a 'near miss' between a car and a pupil outside the school gates.

Commercial Primary School have reported that police are aware of the incident that took place near the entrance to Whinhill at Woodmill Road in Dunfermline on Monday, January 17, after the school bell.

Police Scotland have confirmed that they were made aware of parking issues on the road, but a 'near miss' was not reported to the force, only that there were a large number of cars parked.

Officers are routinely patrolling Woodmill Road.

Commercial Primary School wrote on online post: "Police are aware of a ‘near miss’ involving a car and a pupil near the entrance to Whinhill at Woodmill Road yesterday after school.

"Please take extra care if you need to pick up or drop off your child before and after school."

Several parents aired their concerns about the issue at the school in response.

One woman said the situation was an "accident waiting to happen".

She said: "The entrance to the school is an absolute nightmare when you can’t go up the stairs. Cars come flying around from the school onto Woodmill Road and they can’t see you until your basically right in front of them. It’s an accident waiting to happen."