MULTI-AWARD-WINNING singer Gus Boyd will be bringing rock legends back to life at the Fire Station Creative.

The acoustic performer will be performing songs by The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Queen, Eagles, David Bowie, Eric Clapton, Police and many more at a gig next month.

After rehearsing for the tour over Zoom, he looks forward to a lively Dunfermline crowd.

He said: “COVID restrictions have been long and tough for everyone, including musicians.

"During the last 20 months, myself and my production manager decided to create an alternative look at pop/rock music history with a multimedia show to keep ourselves occupied during lockdown.

"Rehearsals were done via Zoom!

"We are especially looking forward to performing the new show in Dunfermline.

"It’s always such a great, supportive audience at the fire station.”

With restrictions lifted, it is hoped the show will be a roaring success.

Ian Moir, Fire Station Creative director, said: "We’re finally getting back to normal! Gus is a superb act who attracts large audiences.

"It’ll be great to see everyone enjoying his music again."

Tickets cost £12 and are available online from Eventbrite and from the venue.

Doors open at 6pm on Sunday, February 13.