A MEMORIAL plaque commemorating all those that have lost their lives to cancer has been removed from the Marie Curie Field of Hope in Abbeyview.

Its disappearance was discovered by local volunteer Irene Duncan when she visited the garden to find it had fallen into disarray and described the plague's removal as "horrifying".

Irene, who helped set up the Field of Hope several years ago, told the Press: "I was horrified to see the plaque, which was to commemorate so many that had passed on, had been taken.

"Myself and other volunteers planted daffodils at the site and we dedicated a plaque to those affected in the community by cancer when it opened.

"I came to have a look on Saturday and that's when I realised the garden was really in disarray.

"I was so disappointed to then discover that the plaque was missing.

"I think it's absolutely shocking that it's been left to get into this overgrown state when it's in memory of those who have lost their lives."

The Field of Hope is an area of grass and daffodils blooming annually at the park and provides a special area to reflect for those who have had their own personal experience of terminal illness or, for some, to remember a loved one.

The green space is owned by Fife Council.

Irene alerted Councillor James Calder to the state of the Field of Hope and he took a look for himself earlier this week.

Cllr Calder said: “The Field of Hope is an important tribute to those who have battled cancer and it plays an important role in the community.

"After the state of it was raised to me by one of the volunteers who have supported this, I got in touch with the council’s parks, streets and open spaces team to see if they can tidy it up a bit.

“What was most shocking to me was that the memorial plaque has been removed. If this is a result of theft, that is an absolute disgrace.

“It was also upsetting to see litter in there. I hope we can get the garden back to its beautiful condition that it was in before.”