NEIGHBOURS have hit out at the lack of information in a planning application to build a social hub at the former Pitcorthie Primary School site.

Proposals have been brought forward for 33 new homes at Aberdour Road by Robertson Homes in partnership with Fife Council.

Plans have been amended in the past couple of weeks to include a social hub and lower the number of homes.

The Press reported in early January that proposals had been brought forward previously for 34 homes with a mix of types of housing, but the 33 units are all to be single-storey now.

Documents included a detailed plan of the new homes but the only sign that proposals include a social hub are from a drawing of the site plan.

Fenella Hamilton, whose home shares a boundary with the site, said: "I should say straight off that I welcome the principle of the development as such housing is badly needed.

"However, the location of the community hub proposed just doesn’t make sense.

"It sits at the end of a cul-de-sac at the south-east corner, closest to the existing houses on Calaisburn Road and Aberdour Road.

"If this hub is to be a shared facility with communal lounges, kitchen and workroom, it will inevitably create more traffic than the individual houses.

"Presumably, it is to be accessed by others, such as support staff, from outwith the site.

"This makes a more accessible position essential, to prevent traffic entering a dead-end cul-de-sac with attendant increased noise and disturbance.

"It would be more appropriate that the hub be situated in the centre of the new development, for best access from the community it is intended to serve.

"As it is, it looks like an after-thought; going off an earlier road adoption plan, the application, the cul-de-sac, with two houses and the hub, were only added later.

"Information hasn’t been forthcoming. Are the houses for sale or rent? Who to? Who will run and look after the development and shared spaces, including the hub?

"Why has screen fencing/hedging been provided to the Beanstalk Centre but nothing shown for the existing neighbours?"

The site became vacant following the controversial decision to close the former school in July 2015.

Less than a year later, part of the land was earmarked for a new nursery as part of protocol by the Scottish Government to increase early years learning provision.

The housing development will be built adjacent to the new nursery, which opened in August, with access to the site from Aberdour Road.

Fife Council service manager Alastair Hamilton said: "Neighbours of the proposed development have been notified. However, plans have since been amended so new notification notices are being issued and the period for representations extended.

"Any comments on the proposals will be considered before any decisions are made."