FEARS over explosives discovered at the Dunfermline Learning Campus site have been silenced after materials were found to be "harmless".

A worker on the site contacted the Press on Monday to raise worries over an unexploded bomb which had been unearthed during work on the site which house a new Fife College campus as well as new St Columba's and Woodmill high schools.

Workers were told to be careful around the area, and that a disposal team would arrive the next day.

Fife council property services manager, Alan Paul, confirmed that the contractor had exposed old detonator wires which had been used previously to blast rock during previous site workings.

As a precaution, the site was secured and the wires were checked.

Further investigations found the wires to be harmless.

The authority also confirmed that this was likely to be an isolated case but operatives have been briefed to look out for other signs of dangerous materials.