I READ with interest the article, ‘Tell us how you’re going to fix the roads’ (Press, March 31).

The problem that MSP Alex Rowley highlights is not only a problem in Oakley but it is Fife-wide.

In my own street in Rosyth, it is like driving over the moon craters.

Occasionally, Fife Council come and fix one or two of them when it suits them but leave a few dozen more unrepaired.

Those that are repaired are often repaired to a poor standard and will most likely fail again at the next cold weather event.

During the last lockdown, I was considered as a key worker. However, the thanks I get is a broken and battered vehicle that fails the MOT on spring and suspension issues and costs me hundreds of pounds to put right.

It is time that Fife Council started supporting hard-working individuals like myself and stopped their anti-car attitude!

Alastair Macintyre,
Webster Place,