FIFE'S new councillors have been announced this afternoon after yesterday's election.

The SNP failed to reach a majority after winning 34 seats, up five from last year's vote which saw them settle on a coalition agreement with Labour.

They would have needed 38 to take control of the council.

Labour are down four seats, losing members in Dunfermline Central, where Garry Haldane lost his spot to Aude Boubaker-Calder of the Liberal Democrats, and in Cowdenbeath where Bailey-Lee Robb replaced Gary Guichan.

Councillors represent those living in each ward within the council, voicing their opinions, and helping to fix issues from transportation worries to education concerns.

Newly elected councillors for the West and Central Fife areas are listed below.

Dunfermline North: Auxi Barrera (SNP), Gavin Ellis, (Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party), and Gordon Pryde (Scottish Labour Party).

Dunfermline Central: Aude Boubaker-Calder (Scottish Liberal Democrats), Derek Gareth Glen (SNP), Jean Hall Muir (SNP), and Jim Leishman (Scottish Labour Party).

Dunfermline South: Naz Anis-Miah (SNP), Lynn Ballantyne Wardlaw (SNP), James Calder (Scottish Liberal Democrats), and Cara Hilton (Scottish Labour Party).

West Fife and Coastal Villages: Graeme Downie (Scottish Labour Party), Conner Young (Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party), and Sam Steele (SNP).

Inverkeithing and Dalgety Bay: David Barratt (SNP), Patrick Charles Browne (Scottish Labour Party), Dave Dempsey (Scottish Conservative and Unionist), and Sarah Neal (SNP).

Cowdenbeath: Alistair Bain (SNP), Alex Campbell (Scottish Labour Party), Bailey-Lee Robb (SNP), and Darren Watt (Scottish Conservative and Unionist).

Rosyth: Brian Goodall (SNP), Andy Jackson (SNP), and Andrew Verrecchia (Scottish Labour Party).

Lochgelly, Cardenden, and Benarty: Mary Bain Lockhart (Scottish Labour Party), Linda Wilson Martin Erskine (Scottish Labour Party), Rosemary Liewald (SNP), and Lea McClelland (SNP).