ONGOING parking issues outside Dalgety Bay Sports and Leisure Centre have been causing frustrations for residents.

On a community social media page, one resident called the situation a “nightmare” with another calling the road a “traffic jam in the making”.

Councillor David Barratt said that the problems had been occurring for years, and that they had now “come to a head.”

“In recent months, the issue has got worse with increased use of the centre and with people parking on the cycle lane and on the pavement,” he said.

“The pavement parking ban will help the council to improve the situation.

“There are other solutions and we are encouraging people to use the parking at St David’s Business Park next door.

“It is a bit of a challenge though as asking people going to fitness classes or the football to walk an extra few metres has been hard.”

The councillor added that despite the issue being discussed monthly in community council meetings, changes had proved difficult.

“It will take some enforcement further down the line,” he continued.

“We have spoken to specific groups to talk about stewarding the area and have spoken to the sports centre.

“But the centre is limited – they only have so many staff members and it is probably more the organisations which attend who should be encouraging clients to park responsibly.”

A spokesperson for Dalgety Bay Community Council said: “At the moment, we are awaiting a report from Alistair Mutch at Fife Council regarding issues at the sports centre.

“Alistair Mutch is looking to all options regarding parking including using St David’s Business Park as an overspill for the sports centre for parking.

“Many local residents have raised their concerns again about parking over the cyclepath and the pavement.

“The permanent solution could well come through the legislation changes where parking on the pavement will be banned. In the meantime it’s difficult to police.”