A WEST FIFE woman is set to raise the issue of food waste in the Scottish Parliament.

Sarah Keeble set up SHIELD – Sarah's Help In Economic Living Difficulties – during the pandemic to deliver food packages to vulnerable people in the Dunfermline community.

She has since set up regular surplus markets in the area as well as a community cafe in Rosyth where customers can pay it forward if they can or just pop in for a drink and some food and company.

Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar and Shadow Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy of the UK, Jonathan Reynolds MP, popped into the cafe last month when Sarah was able to tackle them on the current food waste issue.

"I am keen and passionate to speak with anyone about the crisis and share the SHIELD model," she said.

"I’ve been invited to the Scottish Parliament and one day will attend with all the data and issues I feel could be solved by using food waste to help everyone! From those struggling to those passionate about food waste!

"Procedures, structures and formats need challenged and reformed to suit today's climate. No third sector or charity format should stay the same when our current situation is changing and people are suffering. We all have a responsibility in this sector to challenge and adapt to offer a different approach.

"I am just getting the word out. It is not just for financial reasons. It is important when talking about food waste that there is a huge proportion of people on a budget but there is also a huge proportion of people who are passionate about food waste.

"Bringing these two types of people together is a no-brainer. We talk about plastic waste and being more efficient on external waste but food waste is spoken about but not actually acted on."

Sarah picked up a Fife Civic Award recently for her efforts with SHIELD and she is hoping others will come on board to help strengthen the efforts of her organisation.

"It has been hard – this last year especially, I have felt it because there is so much pressure on you," she said. "I need more leaders and people with skillsets that I don't have. SHIELD can only survive if we can bring on more leaders.

"I have put appeals out. I have asked for directors but no-one comes forward."

Anyone interesting in helping with SHIELD's work can find out more on the SHIELD Fife Facebook page.