RIDERS from a Dunfermline-based cycle speedway club are set to go head-to-head with some of the UK's best when a prestigious competition comes to town.

Fife Revolutions, whose track is located at Queen Anne High School, will have ten of their number representing Scotland when they host the 'Home International' event.

Supported by Babcock and Scottish Cycling, the club had been due to welcome teams of riders from England, Wales and Ireland to West Fife two years ago, only for the races to be cancelled due to COVID-19.

However, top competitors from the four nations will face off across four races this Saturday, with the action beginning at 11am and the women's pairs.

Further races for juniors (12.30), veterans (2.30) and seniors (4.30) will also be held at the free event, which is set to showcase the sport in a family-friendly atmosphere at the Revolutions' custom-built track.

Gavin Kennedy and Danny Peoples will compete for Scotland in the veterans team, whilst eight others will race in the juniors section, and Revolutions head coach, Craig Masson, is thrilled with the level of representation his club have.

"We've got 10 riders now from Fife representing the Scottish teams across the four events, which is amazing," he told Press Sport.

"That's beyond my expectations for a club this young.

"It's looking really good for the future that their effort and commitment is getting recognised at that level, and hopefully that helps them see there is a progression for them because, next year, for the senior team, I would hope we would have maybe at least two or three riders involved in that team, and then the juniors.

"If the riders keep progressing the way they're doing, I wouldn't be surprised if the full Scotland junior team would be full of Fife riders next year.

"It's looking really healthy for speedway in Scotland, and certainly for Fife anyway. It just shows you the kind of progress that we're making.

"It's just through hard work, engaging with your community, trying to have that kind of family-friendly ethos within the club as well, and people want to be part of that.

"When they see that you're providing them with opportunities as well, then they're going to be more committed, and they're going to want to engage in these kind of matches or travel up and down the country for their club, wanting to make it a success."

Hosting the Home International is a coup for the club as Craig, a principal teacher of support in guidance at Queen Anne, acknowledged.

"You've got the British finals, which is the pinnacle of the cycle speedway calendar in the UK, other than the World Championships of course, but under that, it's the Home International," he continued.

"We're delighted. We were asked to host it a couple of years ago now but, because of COVID, it was postponed. Now we're actually being able to put in place.

"I'm really excited about it and, with the amount of riders we've got in it, hopefully the amount of people that will turn it, the attention it will get via the likes of the Press, it encourages more people to come along to the Scottish clubs, or even encourage somebody to start up another cycle speedway team in Scotland because it's so easy to do.

"It's the top riders in the whole of the UK that will be racing on the 21st, so you're going to see Cycle Speedway in its purest form, from the top guys.

"We're going to host come and try sessions as well, so people can have a wee shot if they want after the event, or they can come along to one of our club nights during the week and have a shot.

"Hopefully, having an event like this, seeing the top guys in action, that will peak their interest and they'll want to have a shot and see if they like it or not.

"I'm confident if they get on a bike and go around the track, there's not many people that say they don't want to continue, or they don't want to take the sport up.

"It's one of those sports that, when you try, you want to continue it and be part of the team."

As well as come and try sessions, the event – which will be opened by Scottish Cycling president, Kathy Gilchrist, and Dunfermline MSP, Shirley-Anne Somerville – will offer a barbecue, snacks, face painting, and is free to attend.

For more information on the Home International, and Fife Revolutions, find 'Fife Cycle Speedway' on Facebook.