ENERGY saving streetlights are to be introduced in Limekilns starting next month.

The council will spend £110,000 on kitting out the village with the energy-efficient, dim-able LED lights.

This is part of a £2.1 million Fife-wide improvement scheme.

Brain Goodall, one of the new SNP councillors for the Rosyth ward, wants residents to be aware of the environmental benefits of the changes.

"There are lots of positives in terms of energy efficiency," he said, "they have the flexibility to dim after a certain time - it will be news for some but better for the residents affected.

"I want them to try to add information abut the energy efficiency and the wider effect of this on Fife as a whole - it adds up to a significant saving."

Householders on Upper Wellheads, The Wellheads, Brucehaven Crescent, Overhaven, Charles Way, and Charles Way South will all receive notification of works soon, which are part of an ongoing scheme.

"We are at the tail end of the programme now," Brian added, "the more information people get the better.

"So many people are more environmentally concious now, it is about climate change, not just about saving pennies."

Though the councillor admitted there would be some disruption on the streets effected, the benefits of the scheme would outweigh the potential negatives.

Works are currently scheduled to take place between mid-June and mid-August.