VISITORS to Pittencrieff Park are being urged to keep an eye out for vandalism at a new sensory garden.

A post on the Friends of Pittencrieff Park Facebook page said some plants appeared to have been ripped up and destroyed.

It added: “Just a polite note to ask that people please do be careful when viewing the area, avoid standing on the flowerbeds (those with two and four feet).

“The plants haven’t yet established and as a charity we worked hard to raise the money to pay for the plants used so we can’t easily replace them.”

The group’s chairperson, Harry Dunn, however said they couldn’t be certain if the area had been targeted by vandals.

“Some of the plants had been pulled out but it is isn’t too bad,” he said.

“We thought it could even have been birds but we are just trying to draw attention to it to make sure people look out for it.

“We are proud of what we are trying to achieve in the sense of the garden and we don’t think it has been an outbreak of vandalism.”

There’s been plenty of praise for the blossoming gardens in the Glen with locals writing into the Press to give credit. Harry agreed: “The garden is starting to look very nice.

“Fife Council are doing a lot and so are the volunteers so we are very proud of what is happening.

“The number of people that walk round saying it is looking good has been great.”