THE Press invited readers on a trip down memory lane, asking what the best nightclub in town was was back in the day on our Facebook page.

The post got thousands of West Fifers reminiscing about nights out in Dunfermline.

The Kinema Ballroom – which hosted massive acts including David Bowie, Elton John. Billy Connolly, Big Country, Madness and The Who – was a definite favourite with many.

Over its 80 years, the Ballroom also went under the name of Night Magic, Hollywood Boulevard and latterly Velocity, however, there were plenty of other nightspots which also were a highlight for revellers in days gone-by.

Tracey Walls said the Ballroom was definitely her favourite. "What a waste of a building now. Our kids have missed out for sure," she said, while Mike Robertson was also a fan. He said: "I would go to the Dander Inn just up from The Well then down to the Thistle then up to The Well on a Friday and a Saturday. I went to the Ballroom, that was in the late-70s early-80s, best times ever."

For many, the acts who performed at the Kinema Ballroom were unforgettable.

Alison Terras Shearer explained: "The KB was the best. The bands and singers that appeared on stage were amazing. Will never be repeated again."

Yvonne Strachan agreed. "Definitely the Kinema ballroom. Saw Nazareth, The Who, Love Sculpture, Billy Connelly and many more. Fun times."

Russell Keddie added: "Late 90s / early 00s, the Ballroom was the place to be with my Ben Sherman shirt on … Atomic Kitten even performed there."

Night Magic brought in the crowds as Fiona Patterson recalled. "Hands down Night Magic ... They came from all over for a night out here."

Jean Appleby added: "Night Magic. There were queues to get in. Busloads came from all over to get in and everyone had to be dressed (no jeans, trainers etc). Music and lights were amazing."

Johnson's – or Jiggies – also has a place in the heart of many.

Shaeren McKenzie said: "Definitely Johnson’s – great music, great dancing, great DJs. Night ‘tragic’ was terrible, standard cheesiness!"

Kim Barenbrug agreed: "Ballroom and Genesis back in the day… then Jiggies had its prime at one point", while Ian Pogo Paterson added: "Johnson’s. Defo. Specifically, soul nights when they had guest bands in and dancers."

Blazers was another name from the past held in high esteem while Nico's was also a favourite.

Lesley Boniface explained: "As a 90s girl, for me it was Nico’s … loved the circular dance floor surrounded by booths, was always mobbed and great for many 18th birthday parties plus the welcoming banter of Norrie McCathie and John Watson was an added bonus."

Lourenzo's is also a place which has been a favourite over the years. Helen Christie said: "Lourenzo's best night club, loved the restaurant that used to be in it. Food was great and also met my husband there."

The Roadhouse, Life, Hollywood Boulevard, Monty's, Waves, The Well and many more were all mentioned as favourites with Wendy Bruno Was Taylor summing it up.

"Dunfermline had a great nightlife back in the day – so many pubs and clubs to choose," she said. "I remember the 80s like it was yesterday. The Well, Johnson's, the Ballroom, Lourenzo’s – the Castle Inn, The Old Inn, Monty's, Casper’s, Maggie’s, East Port Bar. So many places and good times."